February 2015


Sharing our real life social moments with friends has become the norm in our ever increasingly digitised society. Could you ever imagine visiting  a restaurant or a coffee shop without taking a picture of your meal or posting a selfie with the brand name tagged to the picture? Now imagine being rewarded for having all of these done. This is where the Reyou ibeacon powered app comes in. It rewards loyalty to brands and businesses regardless of whether you are a frequent customer or a first timer. Our Reyou app uses Apple ibeacon to help both customers and businesses create a mutually exclusive relationship that benefits both parties.

Ula at Estimote wrote a really captivating article about the Reyou app and the benefits associated with using our app. We created this app to help businesses better understand their customer base in real time. It gives businesses a real-time data of the products that their customers like and how they engage with these products based on their comments and ratings. For example if a customer walks into a restaurant and orders a new menu that is being piloted. The beacon technology often positioned within meters of a table, can trigger the customer to rate or give their thoughts on the menu. Allowing the business to decide based on customer’s opinions, if the menu is a hit or miss. With more people than ever using their mobile phone to communicate and engage with brands. It has become even more crucial that businesses adopt and implement strategies that capture the attention of their customers at a point where they are most engaged with that specific brand.

social media response time

Recent survey revealed that 72% of people expect a response from a brand within an hour of having sent a tweet to them, and only a tiny marginal number are willing to give a two hour grace period. Our standards in terms of the level of service we expect from brands has been nudged an inch, all thanks to social media, their ease of use and global access. However this is even bound to escalate to a whole new level. With personalised and location specific targeting now being tipped to takeover traditional marketing concepts, brand will now have to work twice as hard to earn the loyalty of their core audience.

In order to stay ahead of the digital innovations, a huge chunk of the consumer marketing sector are investing heavily in proximity sensor detectors i.e ibeacons which are powered by Apple’s beacon technology. These smart technologies or internet of things depending on how you wish to explain them, allows businesses to push consumer relevant rewards or coupons that are specifically tailored to each individual consumer. These contents can often lure customers in and could inevitably increase the overall revenue of a brand’s sales. With Facebook, Google and Apple now fighting for ibeacon context domination, it’s not yet too late to implement an ibeacon strategy that meets the demands of your customers.

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ReYou app consumer story telling

The ReYou app is a phenomenon in itself. A first of its kind to have being developed powered by Apple’s iBeacon software and Estimote beacon devices. The ReYou app provides a new platform of engagement for businesses and brands to engage with their customers by turning those customers into real time brand advocates. It allows a brand or business to tell its story through the eyes of their customers.

In a time where social proofing is all the rage and Facebook places is testing beacon powered location specific information for better real time engagement. The ReYou app helps businesses get ahead of the curve by integrating location specific tags to every piece of information generated by each individual customer via social media or alternative platforms. By integrating location specific tags to every brand handle, we are helping brands, businesses get themselves in-front of Facebook places and location specific users. For example if a customer using the ReYou app visits a store within a specific location and engages with that brand by sending real-time information about a lunch or coffee experience in Covent garden, London to their Facebook, twitter or instagram account. The algorithm used by Facebook will pick up on that information, so that if another user looking for a place to dine or lunch keys in “coffee shops in Covent garden London” on Facebook places or Google local search, your business will rank high for that search because of its constant review and also it contextually relevant to that Facebook user.

Reyou app

The power squarely lies in contextual marketing. The ability to offer customers, products and rewards that are contextually and locally relevant to them. The beacon found within every iOS and Android device powers this. It is proximity sensitive and knows when a compactible phone and device is within reach so that whatever offers or rewards you have for that specific customer is automatically pushed to them and they receive those offers in real-time. The bonus also being that there is a high probability that customers who receive these offers and rewards will come in and redeem them, because they are personalised rewards meaning that it is what they would ordinarily be spending their money on anyways. Secondly, the offers based on their current location and context are extremely important to them, so for example if it is Lunch time and you know from previous buying patterns that Chloe will normally be buying lunch at 1.05 pm. You as a brand can set your message to push a notification to Chloe’s iPhone device informing her of the offers and rewards available if she buys lunch from your brand. Just before Chloe gets closer to your shop, she receives a notification of rewards, which will highly influence her behaviour of buying from you as opposed to going to her regular place of purchase. You have, based on offering a product that is contextually relevant to Chloe converted her into a customer further down the marketing channel.

Another core benefit of the ReYou app is that it can trigger Chloe on her way out to rate and review her experience with regards to customer service or you can prompt her to take a picture of her food and share it with her friends on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, which will automatically tag your brand and location of your shop, further boosting your chances of being found on Facebook places.

The Reyou app is extremely important to brands especially with Facebook limiting the exposure of campaigns and messages sent out on a company’s page. You as a brand can overcome this by adopting the ibeacon device, which has proven to generate higher engagement for businesses and a greater increase in footfall.

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Telling your brand story


Brand story telling in a digital age has evolved tremendously. The push effect that once formed part of a brand’s marketing strategy has died, albeit a rather painful death. We are increasingly witnessing brands tap into their customer base in-order to tell their stories to their core audience. Understanding the stories that your customers are interested in and are willing to share is the key to gaining traction in a digital age, where videos are the new frontier in selling to a targeted audience.

However it is still crucial that brands understand that story telling is more than just whipping out contents or blogging. It is the values and mission statements that underline the brand’s identity as to who it is and who their audiences are. It is listening to your customers and understanding what it is that they require of you as a brand, in-order to maintain their loyalty and also implementing those pull strategies so as to create a passionate and loyally engaged customer.

The absence of a story in a brand’s trajectory towards growth will not only limit such growth but also presents it as nothing more than an “ordinary” product, that is easily replaceable. The competition to be noticed is fierce and more often than ever, we see brands borrow into their audience’s creativity so as to drive their next campaign. A good example is the recent McDonalds campaign “pay with love” which will run till the 14th of February. By using its regular customers to tell its story, McDonald is strategically using its customers as advocates for its brand. By advocating for Love via its customers, it is aligning the story of the brand with that of its customer’s values, but using its customers to tell that particular story. Thereby creating an engagement and spike in search for their brand.

There are many ways a brand can tell its story, but being clever about it really pays off. Understanding where your core audience spends most of its time is also key to boosting the engagement generated by your story. A good chunk of our time is spent on mobile devices streaming videos or communicating via social media. So it is fairly paramount that a business would naturally focus on this area where their audience spends the most time. Innovative technologies has also made it possible for brick and mortar businesses to tell their stories without the need to go on-line. The ibeacon device invented by Apple means that brands can now beam or push their stories via notifications to their customers, so long as they are in close proximity to the device. For example a brand implementing a beacon strategy can in real-time push customer recorded videos of their in-store experience to nearby customers, enticing them with offers and further implementing a call to action to take a picture or film a brief video of their own personal experience and share it on social media.

Without being aware, you have as a brand, included your customers in your story telling. They are doing the bulk of the social proofing for you and helping you build trust with the outside world by being advocates of your brand through their individual stories.

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How to re-engage customers using ibeacon powered apps.

Does the word “how do I engage with my loyal customers” resonate with you. We do not mean engagement as per “how was your meal” but engagement that serves a purpose to promote the brand on social media. Saying  “oh I have a Facebook page, where everyone leaves a comment and I get back to them” surely isn’t enough in a fast moving digital age. In all sincerity, no one sees this comments and the chances of their Facebook friends being aware of your excellent product or customer service is literally close to non-existence.

When we at Reyou.me speak of engagement, we are alluding to real-time, up- to-date data, that lets you know what your customers think of your product offering and customer service, which in-turn is shared with your customer’s friends on social media. We help off-line brick and mortar integrate technology into their businesses, in-order to foster greater exposure to a much larger audience. Our app integrate ibeacons which push reward notifications to loyal customers within  close proximity to your store, prompting them to do something social for your brand in return for a reward that is redeemable in-store.


iBeacon powered social engagement


This engages your customers to review your products to their hundreds and thousand of followers, who will get a prompt real-time review of what you offer. The additional benefit of such an engagement is the assurance that you are bound to have customers coming through the door as a result of such exposure. As more and more of us are relying on social media reviews of brands prior to purchasing a product, it is certainly no surprise that more companies are adopting and integrating ibeacons and the Reyou app, to help bolster and turn a ghost follower into a fully engaged follower and brand advocate.

Understanding your customer is the key to achieving a strong ibeacon powered engagement campaign. Using the dashboards provided, you can track, customise and communicate with your customers in real time. For example if your ibeacon device detects a compactible app, you can automatically send a welcome message to the customer the minute they get in through the door. Creating a personalised welcome message instantly engages the customer to click on the notification where you can further inform them on your latest deals, discount and rewards available. The core of the ReYou app is that it provides a platform to turn your customers into true advocates. Rather than waiting for your customers to get home and review their experience, you can prompt them at any point of sale to rate and comment on their experiences. These reviews are also tagged to specific locations so that Google maps and Facebook places can both pick up on it, giving each individual business and brand a much higher SEO ranking on the web and a much needed social proof.