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ReYou app consumer story telling

The ReYou app is a phenomenon in itself. A first of its kind to have being developed powered by Apple’s iBeacon software and Estimote beacon devices. The ReYou app provides a new platform of engagement for businesses and brands to engage with their customers by turning those customers into real time brand advocates. It allows a brand or business to tell its story through the eyes of their customers.

In a time where social proofing is all the rage and Facebook places is testing beacon powered location specific information for better real time engagement. The ReYou app helps businesses get ahead of the curve by integrating location specific tags to every piece of information generated by each individual customer via social media or alternative platforms. By integrating location specific tags to every brand handle, we are helping brands, businesses get themselves in-front of Facebook places and location specific users. For example if a customer using the ReYou app visits a store within a specific location and engages with that brand by sending real-time information about a lunch or coffee experience in Covent garden, London to their Facebook, twitter or instagram account. The algorithm used by Facebook will pick up on that information, so that if another user looking for a place to dine or lunch keys in “coffee shops in Covent garden London” on Facebook places or Google local search, your business will rank high for that search because of its constant review and also it contextually relevant to that Facebook user.

Reyou app

The power squarely lies in contextual marketing. The ability to offer customers, products and rewards that are contextually and locally relevant to them. The beacon found within every iOS and Android device powers this. It is proximity sensitive and knows when a compactible phone and device is within reach so that whatever offers or rewards you have for that specific customer is automatically pushed to them and they receive those offers in real-time. The bonus also being that there is a high probability that customers who receive these offers and rewards will come in and redeem them, because they are personalised rewards meaning that it is what they would ordinarily be spending their money on anyways. Secondly, the offers based on their current location and context are extremely important to them, so for example if it is Lunch time and you know from previous buying patterns that Chloe will normally be buying lunch at 1.05 pm. You as a brand can set your message to push a notification to Chloe’s iPhone device informing her of the offers and rewards available if she buys lunch from your brand. Just before Chloe gets closer to your shop, she receives a notification of rewards, which will highly influence her behaviour of buying from you as opposed to going to her regular place of purchase. You have, based on offering a product that is contextually relevant to Chloe converted her into a customer further down the marketing channel.

Another core benefit of the ReYou app is that it can trigger Chloe on her way out to rate and review her experience with regards to customer service or you can prompt her to take a picture of her food and share it with her friends on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, which will automatically tag your brand and location of your shop, further boosting your chances of being found on Facebook places.

The Reyou app is extremely important to brands especially with Facebook limiting the exposure of campaigns and messages sent out on a company’s page. You as a brand can overcome this by adopting the ibeacon device, which has proven to generate higher engagement for businesses and a greater increase in footfall.

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We live in a digital age and pretty much everything we do leaves some sort of a digital footprint behind. Although there has been recent debates regarding privacy and what internet companies can do to better safeguard our personal details. However one cannot deny that the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. We are a nation of shoppers, we relish and delight at the thought of a weekend with the girls hitting up all the major retailers.  Shopping in retail stores in addition with all the services that tag along with it, is still very much one of the main reasons why we all still flock to the high-street at such an unprecedented rate. There is an enormous advantage associated with going in store, getting a feel for a product/merchandise and then eventually making up your mind with regards to purchase.

However we stand at the moment, in the middle of tectonic Plates of cool technologies, which are severely disrupting industries that are hundreds of years old and changing their face beyond recognition. Lets take for example, Apple in mid 2013 quietly announced the assimilation of iBeacons into their iOS powered iPhones. As a non-techie, this might not necessarily mean a lot to you, but fast forward to eight months later and the likes of Macy’s in New York, McDonalds, Waitrose and John Lewis in the UK are all shelling out huge amount of money to invest in this innovative piece of device and a compactible app.

Retailers are not only adopting these technologies at such a past pace but are being rather smart about its implementation. Not only do they deploy them to better enhance each individual customer’s experience but to also ensure that they stay loyal through offering in-mobile digital rewards or coupons that can be stored to each individual’s mobile device wallet and then redeemed at a much suitable time. By engaging with customers through iBeacon powered apps, retailers can entice more customers into visiting the stores and based on prior purchasing habits can personalise the offers and notifications sent to that particular customer in a context that is relevant to them, thereby increasing the chances of them spending money because what is being offered to them is not only relevant in terms of taste but also relevant to their current context, future increasing sales volume and in-turn sales revenue.

The many attributes of the iBeacon especially in the areas of contextualisation and personalisation makes them an ideal investment for any business/brands reviewing its modern digital marketing strategies. It provides multiple industries with data that might not have ordinarily been available to them off-line. With the iBeacon enabled dashboard, a business can analyse who their best customers are, their average spend per visit, the duration of each visit and how customers interact with their products in real-time, so that the products generating the most engagements are pushed to the fore-front and with Apple Pay coming to every iOS mobile device near you, be prepared for a whole new way of playing the brick and mortar game.