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Sharing our real life social moments with friends has become the norm in our ever increasingly digitised society. Could you ever imagine visiting  a restaurant or a coffee shop without taking a picture of your meal or posting a selfie with the brand name tagged to the picture? Now imagine being rewarded for having all of these done. This is where the Reyou ibeacon powered app comes in. It rewards loyalty to brands and businesses regardless of whether you are a frequent customer or a first timer. Our Reyou app uses Apple ibeacon to help both customers and businesses create a mutually exclusive relationship that benefits both parties.

Ula at Estimote wrote a really captivating article about the Reyou app and the benefits associated with using our app. We created this app to help businesses better understand their customer base in real time. It gives businesses a real-time data of the products that their customers like and how they engage with these products based on their comments and ratings. For example if a customer walks into a restaurant and orders a new menu that is being piloted. The beacon technology often positioned within meters of a table, can trigger the customer to rate or give their thoughts on the menu. Allowing the business to decide based on customer’s opinions, if the menu is a hit or miss. With more people than ever using their mobile phone to communicate and engage with brands. It has become even more crucial that businesses adopt and implement strategies that capture the attention of their customers at a point where they are most engaged with that specific brand.

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Recent survey revealed that 72% of people expect a response from a brand within an hour of having sent a tweet to them, and only a tiny marginal number are willing to give a two hour grace period. Our standards in terms of the level of service we expect from brands has been nudged an inch, all thanks to social media, their ease of use and global access. However this is even bound to escalate to a whole new level. With personalised and location specific targeting now being tipped to takeover traditional marketing concepts, brand will now have to work twice as hard to earn the loyalty of their core audience.

In order to stay ahead of the digital innovations, a huge chunk of the consumer marketing sector are investing heavily in proximity sensor detectors i.e ibeacons which are powered by Apple’s beacon technology. These smart technologies or internet of things depending on how you wish to explain them, allows businesses to push consumer relevant rewards or coupons that are specifically tailored to each individual consumer. These contents can often lure customers in and could inevitably increase the overall revenue of a brand’s sales. With Facebook, Google and Apple now fighting for ibeacon context domination, it’s not yet too late to implement an ibeacon strategy that meets the demands of your customers.

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