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Mr Barack Obama is breaking the internet and winning the game on every major social media platform. This comes as no surprise then, seeing as the majority of under 35’s can now be found on major social media platforms. They like to interact and stay in-touch with their friends and favourite brands, the way they know best in a digital age, and that’s via social media. This has undoubtedly been the new “normal” for quite some time and one which the slightly older population are struggling to get their heads around. It is no longer safe to be seen as lacking in some digital footprint, regardless of what your plans are when it comes to setting up your digital real estate.

What Mr. President have perfected, is the ability to stay engaged and speak the language that his core audience understands and can resonate with. Which in this case is going via YouTube. Social media is becoming an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives and business, sorry to break it to you, but it isn’t going away anytime soon. With more apps now being built around social media platforms and APis, it comes as no surprise while every major business needs to be on tap in real- time via dash boards. Lets exemplify this, if you have two businesses, where one was Mr. Obama and the other was you. Now Mr. Obama has tapped into a huge resource base by going to where his core customers spend the most time i.e. social media and apps. By engaging with his core audience through mobile powered apps that read in real-time, he sees what they are saying (i.e. comments and rating) what they are sharing (i.e. selfies at events or coffee shops) and with this information he can tailor his business offering in real-time to appeal to an even greater number of customers and in-turn generate revenues.

Well little can be said for business no 2. because not only is it lacking in having the quality real-time backed data to drive his business, but he is also missing out on what his target demographics are saying about his product offering and customer service in general.

It may not seem like a huge deal but quite clearly it is, with digital platform apps becoming extremely smart and kitted out with attributes like geo-location and ibeacon powered proximity detectors, there is an ever increasing benefit for every business to go with the times and secure their place with their demographics. Adopting a piece of technology has never been shown to undermine a business but rather improve its overall performance and reach. Apple is investing massively in both its mobile payments platforms and location based sensor advertising, it hopes to start pushing out adverts via notifications when an iOS powered mobile is detected near any of its ibeacon devices regardless of where it is positioned. Just like
Mr. Obama, it is securing its future, demographics and in-turn its digital real-estate so that it can meet the demands of an ever evolving digital age.