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To say the retail industry is experiencing a disconnect with its loyal customers that is at an all time high will be an understatement. Recent reports published by Ipsos suggest “The Retail footfall was down by 4.7% for this boxing day when compared with the previous year. Stores in high streets and retail parks suffered the most, with traffic down 7.1% and 7.2% respectively. Outlet centres saw 4.3% fewer shoppers, while town Centre malls and regional shopping centres, such as Bluewater in Kent and Meadowhall in Sheffield, fared the best relatively, with footfall slipping only 1.9% and 2.9% respectively” These results when compared with on-line retailers is seriously worrying, as it sets to drive home the fact that more and more consumers are felling extremely disenfranchised by their once beloved favorite high street shops.  When compared with its on-line counterpart, the off-line retail industry has being the most reluctant to adopt technologies necessary for improving the overall consumer experience of their loyal customers. They lack the personalization and contextualization that e-commerce retailers are perfecting and reaping the rewards for. With the lack of technology present on the shop floor, sales assistants are unable to access the data required, so as to detect when a frequent loyal customer is present and how to personalize the services offered, so that each individual customer can feel valued.

Companies like John Lewis are beating the competition because they have anticipated the change in their customer’s buying behavior and taste, and put in place necessary practices to ensure that they are ahead of the game. To further solidify its positon as a leader in both on-line and of-line retailing, it invested in  ibeacon powered devices that allows for offers, rewards and contents to be sent to each individual customer based on their personal preferences and context. This is particularly significant because it has found a way to bring the benefits of on-line personalization to the off-line world, by allowing only the contents that are relevant to individual loyal customer to be pushed to them based on their location. The overall point is that off-line retailers struggling to convert loyal customers into brand advocates and looking for ways to integrate personalisation and contextualisation in-order to increase their store foot-fall, still stand a chance of doing that. The Reyou ibeacon powered proximity marketing app can be integrated into your business to help drive both social engagement and recover lost customers. It provides each individual business with real-time data of what their customer’s personal preferences are, their current location, so that only contents relevant to those customers at that particular time are beamed and subsequently shared on social media platforms, helping your business create value and retain its core consumers.