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How to re-engage customers using ibeacon powered apps.

Does the word “how do I engage with my loyal customers” resonate with you. We do not mean engagement as per “how was your meal” but engagement that serves a purpose to promote the brand on social media. Saying  “oh I have a Facebook page, where everyone leaves a comment and I get back to them” surely isn’t enough in a fast moving digital age. In all sincerity, no one sees this comments and the chances of their Facebook friends being aware of your excellent product or customer service is literally close to non-existence.

When we at Reyou.me speak of engagement, we are alluding to real-time, up- to-date data, that lets you know what your customers think of your product offering and customer service, which in-turn is shared with your customer’s friends on social media. We help off-line brick and mortar integrate technology into their businesses, in-order to foster greater exposure to a much larger audience. Our app integrate ibeacons which push reward notifications to loyal customers within  close proximity to your store, prompting them to do something social for your brand in return for a reward that is redeemable in-store.


iBeacon powered social engagement


This engages your customers to review your products to their hundreds and thousand of followers, who will get a prompt real-time review of what you offer. The additional benefit of such an engagement is the assurance that you are bound to have customers coming through the door as a result of such exposure. As more and more of us are relying on social media reviews of brands prior to purchasing a product, it is certainly no surprise that more companies are adopting and integrating ibeacons and the Reyou app, to help bolster and turn a ghost follower into a fully engaged follower and brand advocate.

Understanding your customer is the key to achieving a strong ibeacon powered engagement campaign. Using the dashboards provided, you can track, customise and communicate with your customers in real time. For example if your ibeacon device detects a compactible app, you can automatically send a welcome message to the customer the minute they get in through the door. Creating a personalised welcome message instantly engages the customer to click on the notification where you can further inform them on your latest deals, discount and rewards available. The core of the ReYou app is that it provides a platform to turn your customers into true advocates. Rather than waiting for your customers to get home and review their experience, you can prompt them at any point of sale to rate and comment on their experiences. These reviews are also tagged to specific locations so that Google maps and Facebook places can both pick up on it, giving each individual business and brand a much higher SEO ranking on the web and a much needed social proof.